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    Why Paid Media Should be a Part of Your PR Strategy

    There's a lot of debate about paid placement and PR and where it fits into the whole big picture. In this episode we talk through the different types of paid media and why paid should be a part of your PR strategy. Plus we explore which scenarios are the best match for different types of paid placement.

    Paid placement should be considered another tool in your public relations toolbox.
    It's an especially good tool when trying to raise awareness about new and emerging brands.
    There's paid news release distribution that should be used for big announcements or seeding.
    Another form of paid placement is affiliate marketing that is another great tool to get your brand noticed in major media outlets.
    Syndicated content is a good way to control the messaging and imagery to release paid content that is prominently displayed and clearly labeled as sponsored content.
    Sarah goes through the different ways that these avenues impact SEO which is incredibly important for getting clicks.
    One of our favorite options that isn't exactly paid, is content contributor programs where you pay a fee to be considered, but there's still an application process. This option helps to gain credibility for your brand and helps to position you as an expert in thought leadership in your field.




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