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    What to Know About SEO


    SEO is a buzzword in the marketing world, and for good reason: SEO is a critical necessity to ensure your website gets in front of potential clients and customers.

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the use of technical strategies to get your webpage to rank the highest when a phrase or industry is searched. Search engines like Google use a particular algorithm to determine the order resulting web pages appear. These are organic (unpaid) listings. The higher your website is in search engine rankings, the more traffic and clicks will be referred to your site.

    So what is Google’s optimization algorithm, and how do we solve it?

    While we don’t know the exact formula, we do know Google uses an algorithm named PageRank. This software uses a set of signals from each website to determine how reputable and trustworthy the page is. Think of SEO as your site’s hidden language trying to communicate to PageRank.

    An ideal web page should contain specific elements which act as your site’s hidden communication to the search engine. These include strategically placed keywords, properly categorized content and a clear meta-description.

    The purpose of SEO is to communicate your website’s goals to search engines so they can recommend your site to the right users. The most important thing to remember is that SEO takes time to build. A start-up may not appear at the top of the search results right away. Reach out to Fletcher for help increasing your page’s rank. Before long, you’ll be a pro in SEO.

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