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    The Power of Color

    power of color.jpgColor can be a powerful marketing and branding tool when used correctly, but how do you actually know when to use what color? This infographic, designed by Fletcher’s Creative Director Andrea Truan, reveals the strategy behind choosing the right color to complement your company’s brand identity.

     According to research, our minds subconsciously associate colors with previous experiences. For example, in a recent study by KISSmetrics, “26 percent of people identified the color orange with ‘inexpensive’ or ‘discount,’ while 23 percent of people identified yellow with that same connotation.”

    Color suitability is also determined by factors such as gender, with women gravitating toward softer colors. Knowing the associations people make with color is vital when trying to pick an appropriate brand for your company. Color is an essential part of brand identification with 80 percent of consumers saying that color increases brand recognition and 90 percent saying that an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone. Overall, color is a significant portion of brand creation. It also can be a powerful tool, but only after making sure the connotations and factors associated with it are seen in a positive light among your audiences.

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