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    The Girls’ Club Plays a Role in Marketing to Women

    Professional networking groups have been a popular tool for business growth for many years now, but the number of these types of groups that are specifically for women is definitely on the rise. These groups, born from the desire to help women learn from each other while building their businesses and careers, owe their popularity to the growing progress of women in the business world.

    According to a recent KNS article, the number of female-owned businesses grew by 50% from 1997 to now. Women account for slightly more than half of management, professional and other related occupations, but the picture of females in mid-level management isn’t quite as positive.

    This could be due to the lack of other female execs to mentor up and comers. That’s where the professional women’s groups come in. One member was quoted by KNS saying her group “is a network of people who are in my shoes trying to juggle a career or owning a business, and family and all the other commitments that come with life.”

    The meetings range from getting-to-know-you sessions to seminars on motivation to social media tips and tools and everything in between. Whether you’re seeking a mentor or a mentee, these groups have something for everyone at every level.

    If you’re a business selling a product or service to female consumers, women-only groups make sense. They provide networking, support from other women and ultimately, the opportunity to grow your business and achieve your goals! We think that’s pretty smart!

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