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    She's SO Empowered: Keisher McLeod-Wells

    Here at FletcherPR, we’re all about celebrating women and their achievements and today’s blog post honors a woman currently fighting to reach the top of her field. Keisher McLeod-Wells is a female boxer causing folks to reconsider their perceptions of this profession. Nicknamed Fire, 33 year-old McLeod-Wells is training to be a super-flyweight champion at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, NY.

    With more than 12 amateur titles under her belt, she turned pro in 2010 and holds a 4-1 record. In a recent NY Times interview she said while many female boxers have gotten notoriety by playing up their “bad girl” images, she wanted to be noticed for something else…her colorful fashion. Fashion and boxing might not seem to go hand in hand, but Keisher manages to make this connection well. She is known for arriving at the gym sporting designs by Prada, Bulgari and Tory Burch, adopting the personal of “the boxing diva.”

    Being a female boxer isn’t very lucrative, compared to what male boxers bring in. McLeod-Wells was quoted in the NY Times as saying “It’s pennies compared to a man. I think that’s why we fight harder, because we do this for the love of the sport.” Women like Keisher show young girls that strength and beauty really do go hand in hand and with dedication & hard work, their dreams can become a reality. For that, we believe she’s SO Empowered!

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