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    MsInterPReted: Tennessee Tourism Trends

    Jill Kilgore has been with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development for the past five years as the public relations media manager. She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is the go-to for all things vacation related in Tennessee. 
    Sara Beth Urban is the CEO and president of HospitaityTN. Her past experience includes being Executive Director of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and being involved with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development as the Middle Tennessee Division Manager. HospitalityTN represents the interests of Tennessee’s lodging, dining, and tourism establishments and the related businesses involved in the hospitality & tourism industry.
    In this episode of MsInterPReted, Jill and Sara Beth discuss what they both love about the hospitality and tourism industry in Tennessee. 

    They talk about the state of tourism in Tennessee regarding: 
    • TDTD and HospitalityTN efforts in the industry
    • Tennessee Music Pathways https://www.tnvacation.com/tennessee-music-pathways
    • Economic impacts of domestic and international travel 
    • Current trends and attractions
    • Predictions for upcoming trends in tourism
    • The Bill Dance Lake initiative
    • Women in tourism and hospitality 
    • What everyone needs to see when they visit Tennessee
    Listen to this episode of MsInterPReted to find out more about tourism in Tennessee. 
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