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    #MsInterPReted -PR & Crisis at Mach Speed: Lt. Col. Ashley Nickloes

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    Tennessee Air National Guard Lt. Col. Ashley Nickloes’ grandfather died as a U.S. military pilot in the Pacific Theater of World War II after running out of fuel on a weather reconnaissance and bombing-raid mission … and his life sacrifice drove his granddaughter’s life-inspiration to become a pilot and – ultimately – a military mid-air refueling mission combat aviator. She shares her story and her leadership tenets, on this special Memorial Day Edition of #MsInterPReted.

    Lt. Col. Nickloes shares with Kelly and Mary Beth:
    • Why Faith, Family & Service have guided her way throughout her life and career: “Good things come to those who work hard”;
    • How evil in the world is a reality and how it factors into military service missions for the United States of America; 
    • What the statistics include of women working in the military and in military aviation;
    • How she managed through overt sexism in her early entry in her career field;
    • How being a woman (and a mother) has included a real-world impact to her role;
    • What her experience of losing her son Gabriel during a pre-term birth meant to her and her husband -- and how it further unified her marriage and strengthened her faith;
    • What life is like during overseas deployments in hostile territory;
    • How elitist attitudes inaccurately inform public perception about who serves in the military;
    • Ways in which the military mission poses a stark disconnect with softer-society ideals … and how this disconnect drives misconceptions of what the military is even supposed to be doing;
    • An overview of the situation in Afghanistan 
    • How a public self-expectation of resilience and self-reliance is being lost in society … and how this issue is relevant in the current COVID-19 reality
    • How placing personal priorities must drive our can-do spirit in any crisis.
    • And more



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