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    #MsInterPReted - Behind the Data: Turning Market Research into Actionable Strategy

    3.8.21 S4_Epi1_CatherinePorth

    Join Ms. InterPReted Host, Kelly Fletcher and Research Expert, Catherine Porth as they take a deep dive into Behind the Data: Turning Market Research Into Actionable Strategy.

    Catherine Porth -- a market researcher and data strategist -- shares her insights about putting information to strategic use for the best branding and marketing-communications outcomes.

    Research, and in particular market research is central to what we do as marketers and communicators, and without the insights we glean, we cannot be effective. Market research is foundational to informing strategy and driving results. The research sector  is continuously expanding and helps brands, organizations, and researchers stay on top of their game.

    In a global economy that took a significant hit in 2020, research functions only grew. If anything, focusing on conducting smarter, more efficient, and impactful research  is more important than ever.  Catherine Porth will shed light on emerging trends that have grown way beyond long boring surveys and expensive focus groups.

    In recognition and celebration of International Women’s Day, the latter part of the episode highlights Catherine’s personal passion for helping underserved female entrepreneurs. We’ll uncover what’s going on at Let Her Speak, the nonprofit Porth founded to empower women to become the best version of themselves.

    And -- this International Women's Day (#IWD2021) -- Kelly Fletcher discusses with Catherine the non-profit organization she has started -- LetHerSpeakUS.com.


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