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    Ms. InterPReted Episode 4 - Tennessee Tourism PR: It's All That & A Sip of Whiskey



    In the Tourism World, effective public relations, marketing and brand-storytelling make the world go ‘round to drive visitor interest, overnight-stays, destination ticket sales and positive economic outcomes.   

     And that reality is only amplified across the Volunteer State: Tennessee, where tourism is a major driver of statewide as well as local economies. 

     Join Fletcher Marketing PR Founder and CEO Kelly Fletcher and Senior Strategist Mary Beth West, as they take #MsInterPReted on a tour of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, with special guests Chris Fletcher (Assistant Master Distiller of famed global brand Jack Daniel Distillery of Lynchburg, TN); Alexandra Castle (Master Distiller – and the first female master distiller in Tennessee – of Memphis-based Old Dominick Distillery); and Peaceful Side of the Smokies Tourism Director of the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority, Kim Mitchell (Fletcher Marketing PR client).  

     Together, Alex, Chris and Kim explain “whiskey mystique” and share with Kelly and Mary Beth the finer points of brand storytelling with whiskey’s unique identity as part of Tennessee culture and Southern lore – and how the female market segment is such a growing part of Tennessee tourism as well as the spirits industry. 

    Listen to the podcast here:


     Don’t miss the Tennessee Whiskey Trail’s “Grains and Grits” Festival in partnership with the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority, Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, 6:00-9:00 p.m., in Townsend, TN.  

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