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    How to Plan the Best Event for Your Organization


    Fletcher Marketing PR staff had the pleasure of attending the Women's Fund of East Tennessee's 6th annual luncheon last Thursday afternoon. Set in between serene gardens with a lakefront view, women from all walks of Knoxville gathered to celebrate the organization and raise donations for low-income women and girls in need. In reflection of the Women's Luncheon, here are some ways to plan the perfect event:

    Promote Wisely - Having a good planning structure ensures the day will go smoothly. Careful expense planning is important to budgeting out the event. Cheaper ways to reach your audience but also have an effective turnout is through social media. In the Women's Fund's case, the most popular platform for its audience is Facebook. Creating a Facebook event and running an ad targeted to women in Knoxville helped spread the word of the event. While at the event, the Women's Fund posted its social information on television screens surrounding the tent with a call-to-action to 'like' the page on Facebook. This will help keep continued support through the year and allows the Women's Fund to easily update its guests on results of the event. The Women's Fund also sent an e-mail blast to its e-mail subscribers about the event, both to encourage donations through sponsorship and to invite members to purchase a ticket to the event. The luncheon had a record 500 attendees.

    Reflect the Mission - Any event activities should be shaped around the organization's identity. The Women's Fund's vision is "Every woman self-sustaining." The choice of speaker was completely relatable and appropriate for the mission to transform lives of low-income women and girls. Liz Murray, motivational speaker and best-selling author of "Homeless to Harvard," is a true reflection of the women the organization helps. Murray lost both parents to a heroin addiction by the time she was sixteen and lived in subway terminals for shelter. Guided by a mentor at her school, Murray never told him she was homeless, and continued digging for scraps for dinner. Fast forward two years and she's graduating early with a full ride to Harvard. Liz Murray is a success story of how each Women's Fund volunteer and donor hope to affect the lives of low-income women and girls.

    Sponsor Strategically - The Women's Fund also took advantage of mutually beneficial sponsorships for the luncheon. In fact, Fletcher Marketing PR carries the Women’s Fund as a pro bono client because of our commitment to helping make every woman self-sustaining. Knoxville companies who match their demographic were able to buy ads in the Women's Luncheon booklets. Belleza Salon and Spa gave charming goodie baskets to each guest. Cachepot Floral and Garden provided beautiful topiary plants for centerpieces, which were then sold to luncheon attendees. These proceeds also benefitted the Women's Fund. Each of these experiences enhanced the attendee's experience, matched the Women’s Fund’s donor demographic and contributed to a broader cause.

    In total, The Women's Fund's Annual Luncheon raised around $220,000 for east Tennessee women and girls in need. Wow! With the right promotion, reflection of values and beneficial sponsorships, any event can be spectacular. Congratulations to the Women's Fund for a successful luncheon!

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