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    Go Girl Designs Drives Sales Through Influencer Marketing Campaign

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    Entering the 2016 holiday season, Fletcher client Go Girl Designs' goal was to blast an influencer marketing and social media campaign to increase sales of Busy Girl Bangle products and boost Go Girl's online presence.

    Go Girl Designs (GGD) is a locally-owned business that sells a line of Busy Girl Bangles, a bracelet that holds a hair tie within its design. GGD’s sales have spread across the United States and internationally. The retailer also secured a celebrity endorsement from country music star Jana Kramer. Jana appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” during the same months as our social media campaign. During each promotion, Jana posted at least one Instagram. Consequently, the Busy Girl Bangle was exposed to more than 1.3 million followers per each endorsement post. At the time, GGD also had over 2,000 followers on Instagram and continues to maintain an active blog.

    Our strategy was to target GGD’s audience of women 18-to-50 years old, covering the ages of the typical "busy girl." From college students to soccer moms, our audience is the woman on-the-go. We decided to target these women through blogger outreach and social media campaigns, because of the rising trend of influencer marketing. The bloggers targeted included college blogs, mom blogs and fashion blogs. Social media campaigns were each tailored to reflect the brand and promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    The results of the campaign were overwhelmingly successful. Four social media mini-campaigns were launched between November 23rd and January 1st as part of an overall holiday promotion, which resulted in 520,775 impressions, 3,931 engagements and 3,203 link clicks. GGD’s Twitter followers increased 236 percent, Instagram followers increased 45 percent and Facebook likes increased 15 percent.

    Our influencer marketing approach featured Busy Girl Bangles in eight blog posts, 12 Instagram posts, three giveaways and four holiday gift guides. Total bloggers' Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followers exposed to through their social media posts top over 347,400, 144,400 and 66,000 followers, respectively.

    Product turnover was also successful. Gross sales totaled almost $70,000. 1,958 orders were placed and 3,426 products purchased, indicating a large amount of purchases contained more than one item.

    Fletcher is now planning regular monthly marketing on behalf of our client to include at least one influencer marketing post per month, special event (Valentine's Day, graduation, etc.) social promotions and consistent social media engagement.

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