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    Does my brand need a refresh?

    Fletcher Marketing PR brand refreshHow do you know when it’s time to refresh your company’s brand? A “brand refresh” is simply keeping the good elements of your brand while improving the not-so-good. Most established companies have equity built up and can be recognized by certain elements of their brand. Those are the parts to keep.

    Here are six things to consider when determining whether or not your brand needs a refresh:

    1. Longevity + Relevance

    How long has the brand been around? Are customers so accustomed to seeing it that they tune it out? Will the logo still look fresh and relevant in 10 years? The color you’re using might be SO 1972 avocado, or maybe you have enough brand equity that you drop the word “Nike” and just use the “swoosh”.

    1. Consistency

    When you look at all of the signage, letterhead, mailers, website, etc., do they have the same logo or color palette? Is all the photography similar? Inconsistent use of the brand is a key reason to revamp it. It’s hard to build a castle if none of bricks are the same.

    1. New Location, services or products

    Is your company offering up new services and products or opening a new location? This is great time to update your look. More than likely, you will already be getting new stationary or signage, so save some money by doing it all at once.

    1. Growth

    Is the company in a growth stage? Relaunching a brand can garner media attention and make new investors feel confident that your company plans to be around for a very long time.

    1. Function and boredom

    If you’ve worked with the same brand for years, there have probably been times when the logo didn’t reduce quite right or the colors didn’t jive with the photography. Maybe you and your team are just tired of looking at it. A brand refresh can reenergize everyone’s enthusiasm for the company and get emotional buy-in.

    1. Competition

    What does your competition look like? Is their brand out doing yours? If there’s a new kid on the block in your industry, it’s likely their brand is getting new customers just because it looks new.

    What does a refresh entail?

    A full brand audit would be the place to start. It will help you not only see your brand from the customer’s point-of-view but also discover what is working and what isn’t. Details from the audit will help direct the vision for the refreshed brand. It may be as simple as changing the font or color on the original design, but you will be sure to come out with something new and eye-catching.

    If you think your brand may need a refresh, we can help. Give us a call at (865) 249-8371 or (404) 736-9190 for a consultation.

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