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    Design Trends: Should you follow them?


    New design trends emerge each year and are reflected in the designs of everything from cars and clothes to paint color.  

    What exactly can a trend entail 

    Trends include fonts, layouts, design elements, illustration styles and colors. Larger national brands such as Target and Apple tend to popularize new styles of fonts, layouts and design elements. 

    Illustration styles usually stem from pop culture icons, and color trends are generally directed by the Pantone Color Institute. They categorize popular colors by industry. They also pick and promote a “Color of the Year.” 

    How do you decide which trends to follow and which to avoid?  

    The key is knowing the voice of your brand and choosing designs that enhance and elevate that persona. Here are a few tips. 

    1. Consider the longevity of the trend. If your brand wants a cutting-edge design, a current look that is considered hip might be worth incorporating into an ad campaign.  

    2. On the other hand, if you are thinking about using certain trend elements as part of your brand, you want to make sure the design will still be relevant ten years from now. Some trends are classic and last for years. Simplicity, for example, is always fashionable. 

    3. Does the look fit with your brands message and visual presence? For example, if your brand is elegant and sophisticated, it can be confusing to your audience if you start producing materials with bright, candy colors. You will risk losing the trust of your demographic. 

    Take a look at current design trends on Venngage. 

    You can also keep up with the latest color trends in your industry here

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