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    With all the daily routines that keep us busy, it’s not often that we stop and think about why certain things are the way that they are. We accept certain truths about ourselves as fact, without taking the time to understand why they are such. Did you know that psychological research actually refers back to our very beginnings in developing many of its tenets? In other words, cave men days. This blog has already stated several things about the importance women place on relationships and feeling connected. According to “stone-age survival theory,” if women lost their husbands, they turned to other female members of the group for support and assistance. For women, according to marketing guru Bridget Brennan in Why She Buys, “preserving relationships was a matter of life and death” and [sustaining the friendships] “is still one of women’s greatest needs.”

    We believe that this is a big part of why events are such a great tool for marketing and public relations. Some people have wrongly stereotyped the field of pr, oversimplifying it down to "event planning" and nothing more. Planning events is a strategic way to reach out to an organization's publics, especially when introducing a new product or brand. Hosting events that allow women to spend time with friends while they are trying out a new product or service is a win-win. Events like this help women to get their social needs met and they help the organization to reach its goals too. By combining these important elements, a well-planned and executed event can yield a huge return for any brand. Fabulous events are just one of the ways in which the team here at FletcherPR is committed to reaching women through the power of media.

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