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    What PR agencies are looking for in new hires

    What PR agencies are looking for in new hiresDo you think you have what it takes to work for a PR agency? If you’re a recent graduate looking for a job in public relations, it is important to know what agencies are looking for in new hires. While that may differ depending on their needs and wants, there are some basic skills that will always be in demand.

    Thanks to a survey by PR, media and creative services specialists Gould+Partners, you can get a better idea of what agencies are looking for before sending our your first resume.

    Do you have the education?
    In the survey, 97 percent of PR agencies said they require applicants to have at minimum a bachelor’s degree, not a master’s degree. The degree majors they preferred most were public relations, journalism, marketing and mass communications. Public relations had the highest priority, while mass communications had the least.

    Do you have the knowledge?
    Agencies want individuals who have a strong knowledge of business and industry basics. While most said they wanted applicants to be familiar with social media practices, having an understanding of PR history and new business fundamentals ranked as more important. Marketing basics and PR evaluation were also rated high.

    Do you have the skills and personality?
    Skills and personality traits were also important. Many agencies said they look for self-starters who are curious about the PR world. They also want individuals who are articulate, motivated, cooperative and think strategically.

    More than 90 percent of agencies focused highly on the need for good writing skills, followed by media pitching and research.

    So do you have the education, knowledge, skills and personality to be a PR professional? Make sure to highlight all of your most important qualities when applying for a new job. You may be just what an agency is looking for.


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