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    Marketing to Working Women in Male-Dominated Fields

    Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 Alexandra

    We are working hard to overcome the stereotypes for working women. Men dominate the workforce, and have done so for many years, making it difficult to reverse the mindset that many people already have. Many traditional male-dominated fields are now marketing to women, such as finance, engineering and technology.

    Are you a woman starting a career in one of these fields? Or do you just work mostly with men? We have some tips for working women:

    Find a mentor – it can be intimidating starting a new job, so find someone who has the experience to help you.
    Be confident – regardless of gender, people who carry themselves with confidence get noticed more.
    Have an edge – your edge gives you strength, sets you apart and shows the men that you mean business.
    Learn from successful male counterparts – we hesitate to say this, but if you are going into a male-dominated field then that is the way of it. Heed their advice.
    Want it – nothing in this world comes easy, but if you want it, go for it.

    Many women just need a little boost of confidence and power to tackle male-dominated companies. More power to you, sister!

    FletcherPR is a national communications firm that specializes in reaching women through the power of media. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN with staff in Nashville & Los Angeles, we are a full-service agency providing strategic public relations, social media and marketing communications services to our clients throughout the U.S.

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