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    Marketing to Women on Pinterest

    Friday, May 24, 2013 Abbigail

    In just three years, Pinterest has encouraged us to become the baking, DIY, wonder women we really are. From game and craft ideas to budget-friendly tips and tricks, we turn to Pinterest for creative inspiration.

    It is disappointing when we are directed to an external site to get a recipe for Grandma Jane’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cupcakes only to discover it’s a dead end. This also happens with eager shoppers who are ready to buy a piece of clothing they’ve seen but can never find the website that actually sells it. Well we have good news, friends – Pinterest is making their pins comprehensive.

    What does this upgrade mean for us? No more searching through links and other sites to find the information we pinned. Time is saved, AND we find what we need with no fuss.

    Pinterest has partnered with brands like eBay, Target, Sony and Netflix to provide its users with more information while browsing. A Pinterest spokesperson told Mashable that their hope is to have more useful pins for its users and community. Pins about desserts will list the full recipe, pins featuring clothes will have the price and pins about movies will provide more information about the cast and ratings.

    This isn’t the only change for avid Pinterest users. The Pinterest smartphone app will expand its “Pin it” button to other mobile sites like Etsy, ModCloth and Jetsetter along with adding mobile notifications and mentions.

    With all the focus on comprehensive pins and mobile upgrades, Pinterest seems to be creating a better venue for advertising to its users. Not only will the pins feature the logos of its contributing sites, but there’s also an opportunity for specific brand advertisements, especially those wanting to market to women.

    Does this upgrade excite the bakers out there who can have the full recipe on-hand at the grocery store? Or do some of you have hesitations about the additional advertising that is imminent?

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    The Year That Was: Social Media in 2012

    Thursday, Jan 3, 2013 Heather Ripley

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