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    Women who stand for what is right: A 5-part series celebrating Women's History Month

    Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016 Cheryl Ball

    Sometimes, taking a stand is a calculated decision. Other times, it is a gut reaction in the moment. Either way, drawing a line in the sand takes courage and conviction.

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    Women who inspire us: A 5-part series celebrating Women’s History Month

    Tuesday, Mar 1, 2016 Kelly Fletcher

    At Fletcher Marketing PR, we specialize in marketing to women and the complexities that often entails. We challenge our clients to resist the ‘one size fits all’ approach and to challenge her status quo.

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    5 rules for marketing to women

    Friday, Sep 25, 2015 Kelly Fletcher

    When it comes to marketing, many companies and organizations fail to recognize the vast influence of female consumers, or worse yet, classify women as a ‘niche’ market. Not only do women control approximately 85% of purchasing decisions in the U.S., they are increasingly populating the ranks of management; thereby impacting decisions in the B2B environment as well.

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    Marketing to the minimalist: She wants less

    Friday, Sep 18, 2015 Katie Stephens

    The concept of women searching for “less” is one that is hard to come to grips with at face value. Millennials are currently one of the largest targeted demographics when it comes to marketing, but an even more defined sector is the minimalist.

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    How does color affect marketing to women?

    Friday, Sep 4, 2015 Andrea Truan

    Color is one of the most powerful branding tools due to its ability to evoke emotions across a broad spectrum of consumers. Since color can arouse different emotions, choosing the colors that resonate best with your consumer takes an educated and scientific approach. Extensive research has gone into figuring out how people react to color on an emotional and even physical level. For instance, viewing the color green will lower a person’s blood pressure.

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    3 reasons blogger campaigns work when marketing to women

    Thursday, Sep 3, 2015 Kelly Fletcher

    We recently attended the BlogHER conference in New York City and were surrounded by social influencers like Gwyneth Paltrow (check out her blog, GOOP), and Christy Turlington Burns (check out her non-profit, Every Mother Counts).

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    gDiapers - Making a Difference in the Lives of Women Around the World

    Friday, Jun 5, 2015 Kelly Fletcher


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    Women: Master Multipliers

    Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015 Lisa Bamford

    Most brands and industries have become increasingly aware of the need to create messaging and marketing strategies that specifically speak to women. So just how powerful is the female consumer?

    I’ve been captivated by the spotlight on Emma Watson and her humbly moving (even if a bit nervous sounding) speeches about gender equality. Yet her nervousness is not due to an inexperience of being in the public eye, nor is it out of youth or naivety. Rather, it’s driven by her passion to bring a powerful gender equality campaign to the forefront and use her influence to elevate awareness and participation. I’m thrilled to see an unexpected, young ambassador speaking for this cause.

    A recent article brought me some more excitement about the new perception of the female that is surfacing. Bridget Brennan of Forbes wrote about the top 10 things to know regarding women consumers. Number 2 on her list is my favorite and states, “Women have a multiplier effect.” We hold multiple roles, which take us into vast, varied and far-reaching market segments that could be converted into loyal customers. We have a voice and know how to transport a message far and wide – and will gladly do so for the causes in which we believe.

    Gentlemen, we are not trying to bulldoze you. Your voice is a valued component of healthy professional and personal interactions, information discovery and societal progress. We want to join our voices for good, to effect positive and sustainable change for generations to come. I’m grateful to live in a time when women are being heard and to witness the positive response that is unfolding.

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    Football Advertising Fever

    Monday, Feb 9, 2015 Melissa

    Who DIDN’T watch the game last week? International Business Times reported that an average of 114.4 million people viewed NBC’s Sunday broadcast per minute! And although seeing the best two football teams in America confront one another isn't often considered the place for 'softies', the ads featured last week certainly appealed to the 'softer' side of our emotions.

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    FPR's Abby Christensen Featured on Panel of Online Quiz Experts

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Chris Martin

    Lonelybrand.com, a brand marketing blog, recently did a trend piece about online quizzes as content marketing tools. It is a great article with lots of good information for brand marketers.

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