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    Beads of Courage: Colorful Hope for Sick Children

    Friday, Sep 5, 2014 Lisa Bamfored

    I love what Beads of Courage (BOC) does for seriously ill children and their families. They've brought beauty, color and creativity into difficult and challenging medical circumstances. Every single bead represents a pivotal step in a child's treatment journey. As a child collects beads over time, a string of visual hope becomes a colorful lifeline of encouragement. As I've become more familiar with BOC's mission, I've grown more inspired and incentivized to get involved. And this month presents the perfect time, with some great opportunities.

    Jewelry Television (JTV) is the presenting sponsor for an entire month-long focus to support BOC. They have set up a page on their website for people to make donations of $5 and up. And on September 20, their Knoxville headquarters will be one of 14 national sites hosting National Bead Challenge Day. Each bead-making site will be vying to raise the most donations for BOC and the countless young children who cherish their hand-made beads. The event is free to the public and will be attended by some local BOC children. Activities go from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and include bead-making demonstrations, glass bead and jewelry shopping, and giveaways of Courage Clips and door prizes.

    I can relate to the power of the beads. When my father was battling cancer, a friend gave him a cross charm to hold when he would go for chemo and radiation. That little charm also accompanied my father into two operating rooms and went with him into areas of the hospital where our family could not go. It kept him company. It brought him comfort. It gave him something tangible to hold on to. It represented the prayers, concern and love of his family and friends during critical moments of his treatment.

    Through JTV's partnership with BOC, you and I can help offer that same kind of strength and compassion to brave young children who are facing health challenges. My friend over at Jewelry Television, Jade McCampbell, has written a lovely blog with more details about JTV's month-long campaign with BOC throughout September. Come and be part of this powerful (and colorful) movement of hope!

    Lisa Bamford

    Nordstrom: Empowers-it-Forward with Girls

    Thursday, Aug 14, 2014 Lisa Bamfored

    Nordstrom has announced its first-ever private label give-back brand, Treasure&Bond, which will give 5% of its net profits to nonprofit organizations that are missioned with empowering girls and women. I love seeing such a respected retail brand making such a beautifully bold statement. Better yet, I love how a brand that is recognized for showcasing quality fashion trends is perhaps now setting a trend for other retailers to empower-it-forward with young girls and women.

    Lisa Bamford

    Is Red "the New Black"?

    Thursday, Jul 17, 2014 Lisa Bamfored

    Lisa Bamford

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