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    How to land a great internship

    Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 Katie Stephens

    Getting your degree is only half the battle when it comes to building up an impressive resume and preparing yourself for a career. Bringing valuable work experience to the table at a job interview will give you a competitive edge over other candidates and the confidence to perform better in your new position. So just how do you land that first internship?

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    NEWSFLASH: Public Relations is Stressful (Insert Sarcasm Here)

    Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014 Abbigail

    Although I’m new to the game, I’ve learned a thing or two about public relations. One thing – you must always, ALWAYS have another set of eyes on something. I can get into this stream-of-consciousness flow when writing where all my words don’t make it to paper. So having someone insert “the”s, “and”s and “but”s where they need to be helps me read as a coherent writer.

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