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    Friday, Jun 5, 2015 Kelly Fletcher


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    First Friday Fundraising

    Tuesday, Mar 3, 2015 Abbigail

    Who doesn’t love a good First Friday event? Join us downtown this Friday, March 6 to help raise funds for “Team Mandy” as Mandy Bradshaw participates in Star 102.1’s Dancing with the Knoxville Stars East Tennessee Children’s Hospital fundraiser.

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    Football Advertising Fever

    Monday, Feb 9, 2015 Melissa

    Who DIDN’T watch the game last week? International Business Times reported that an average of 114.4 million people viewed NBC’s Sunday broadcast per minute! And although seeing the best two football teams in America confront one another isn't often considered the place for 'softies', the ads featured last week certainly appealed to the 'softer' side of our emotions.

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    The #Bendgate Debacle

    Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014 Abbigail

    I love how the advancement of technology and social media has allowed the quick wit of some brands to shine. From Oreo’s dastardly quick tweet post-football blackout to the #BendGate debacle, brands are showing their comedic chops.

    And many of these brands aren’t even phone brands. It makes sense that Samsung and HTC would make jabs about Apple’s unintentional phone design flaw in comparison to their phones’ intentional design. But who would have thought Dockers or even Heineken would get in on the conversation?

    Dockers showed their Apple support by donning “Dockers ON-THE-GO” with a hidden security pocket just for the iPhone 6. There’s no sitting on or bending phones with these khakis.

    Utilizing the trending hashtag “BendGate”, Heineken showed a little sarcastic sympathy for the brand by stating it happens to them all the time.

    One of the funniest responses I’ve seen came from Slim Jim. Take a look.

    For more brand trolls, head on over to this Mashable article or check out #BendGate on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What are some of your favorite #BendGate brand responses?

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    Domestic violence, the NFL and marketing to women

    Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014 Chris Martin
    Janay Rice, Ray Rice's wife, has been outspoken in defense of her husband

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    Is the Ice Bucket Challenge the best social media campaign ever?

    Friday, Aug 22, 2014 Chris Martin

    If you haven’t heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge, then you must live completely off the grid. The viral sensation has become pervasive throughout the news and social media, and its reach is truly remarkable, sparking participation from everyday people, celebrities, athletes and even former Presidents of the United States.

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    Nordstrom: Empowers-it-Forward with Girls

    Thursday, Aug 14, 2014 Lisa Bamfored

    Nordstrom has announced its first-ever private label give-back brand, Treasure&Bond, which will give 5% of its net profits to nonprofit organizations that are missioned with empowering girls and women. I love seeing such a respected retail brand making such a beautifully bold statement. Better yet, I love how a brand that is recognized for showcasing quality fashion trends is perhaps now setting a trend for other retailers to empower-it-forward with young girls and women.

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    Is Miley Cyrus a genius marketer?

    Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 Chris Martin

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    Zaggora HotPants Markets Burning More Calories to Women

    Thursday, Sep 5, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    Some say it is the hottest new trend in fitness and fashion. These HotPants claim to elevate your temperature while wearing them. It is not a new fact that the hotter you get, the more calories you burn.

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    Angelina Jolie: She’s So Empowered!

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Kelly Fletcher

    I was never a fan of Angelina Jolie. Until today. By sharing the story of her decision to take control of her health and opt for a double mastectomy, she has done a great service to women. As a woman whose entire career relies on beauty and the vitality of youth, Angelina has proven that she has substance and depth far greater than I’ve ever given her credit for.

    We salute you, Angelina. Thank you for empowering women everywhere. http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/angelina-jolie-reveals-preventative-double-mastectomy-064002088.html

    Note: For more information on BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing visit http://ww5.komen.org/BreastCancer/GeneMutationsampGeneticTesting.html.

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