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    Three Key Points in Marketing to Women

    By now, you’ve probably read about how people are or aren’t properly marketing to women and how women are controlling the majority of the purchasing decisions. And if you didn’t know- women currently control 85% of the purchasing market in the United States. We hold these facts close to our hearts because we want to inspire women and help every woman reach her fullest potential. That said, we could all use a little refresher from time to time, so we have come up with three key points when marketing to women.

    First, know your audience. It is important to create a clear image of who you want to reach. For example, if you are trying to sell cheeseburgers, but you are only advertising in gyms, you are missing your audience. Brainstorm a list of three types of audiences you intend to reach and choose the one that makes the most sense. Women make the majority of purchasing decisions and control a large amount of consumer wealth, so gear your campaign toward them.

    Next, think like a woman. No we aren’t trying to start a feminism revolution (we do employ men!), but it can be beneficial when marketing to women if you put yourself in their shoes. Many women these days are working moms with little room to do much more. Make things easy for them so they don’t have to do a lot of the work but can still enjoy your product. Think multitasking, make things easily accessible, place products or ads on like-minded websites, stores, aisles, etc. Do the work for them and you will be rewarded.

    Finally, be social. Social media marketing and blogging go hand in hand, and we are seeing more bloggers than ever. One popular niche group online is the mommy bloggers. With the multitude of stats about women and moms regarding consumer purchasing, this group is a bull’s-eye for marketing, but it is just one of many. From Facebook to Pinterest and personal blogs, women are engaged online, with 37 percent of them primarily using social media for the benefit of promotions, coupons and other deals.

    Marketing to women, when done correctly, can open up a world of possibilities and create engagement, new customers and partnerships. Use these tips to help reach the market you want and to always keep them coming back for more.

    FletcherPR is a national communications firm that specializes in reaching women through the power of media. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN with staff in Nashville & Los Angeles, we are a full-service agency providing strategic public relations, social media and marketing communications services to our clients throughout the U.S.

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