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    Saying Goodbye to my Spring Internship

    CheyanneWhen asked if I’d be interested in writing a post to reflect my time at Fletcher, I pondered how to sum up this experience in just a short blog. Joining the Fletcher team for my senior spring semester at The University of Tennessee was easily one of the main highlights of my undergraduate career. In the beginning, I thought I was gaining valuable agency experience. I did, but I also gained new mentors and a skill set that I appreciate.

    A Little About Me

    I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and joined the UT family as a freshman. In my college career, opportunities for new experiences flourished. This included a spring semester in Paris, France in an international business program, internships with Lisi Lerch, Badgley Mischka and Lilly Pulitzer, and a position as president of the Delta Zeta Sorority. when spring 2018 came along and my roster only consisted of my class schedule, I realized I needed a new endeavor.  

    With my resume credentials primarily lying in fashion and lifestyle, an agency position was my next move. After an interview with the Fletcher Marketing PR team, I knew this was where I wanted to be.  

    Internship at Fletcher

    On a small and mighty team like this one, an internship experience is real life experience. Given that my past internships also didn’t feel like a “stereotypical internship,” Fletcher kept in line with my expectations.  A day didn’t go by where I thought of myself as “just an intern.” The overall trust instilled at times made me think, “they’re really letting me do this?” 

    Another part of Fletcher that adds to the experience is the #GirlBoss atmosphere. Working under inspiring women like Kelly, Cheryl and Sarah has taught me the value of hard work in this industry.  There really is something to working under women who made a name for themselves. Additionally, those who don’t just correct you when you’re wrong but teach you how to make it right. Those were just a few praises I have on the wonderful staff here at Fletcher.

    PR: Classroom to Workspace

    Looking back on my college career, I joined the industry in a pivotal time. The concept of paid and organic have both expanded, contracted and blurred the lines between classical PR, marketing and advertising. Many agencies even drop “public relations” from their names, moving to full service and digital marketing as a broader description. Not to mention the concept of endorsements has switched over from a paid celebrity perspective to a more organic motivation in the way people shop. Influencer marketing is now completely independent, developing into a whole new job description.

    There was no better place for me to involve myself in this progression than Fletcher. A few tips for those applying to internships? Get an informational interview and build those connections. Make your foot the best foot in the door. Take chances. Even if your class schedule is crazy, go the extra mile to involve yourself in clubs and leadership on campus. Make everything you do equally valuable, whether you’re pitching a story or picking up a team lunch. Summer is a great break but devote yourself to an internship to build your resume. And lastly, be confident and know it will all work out.

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