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    Moving into the next age of digital advertising

    Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 Chris Martin

    The landscape of digital advertising is going to undergo some serious changes in 2018 as marketers will have to figure out new ways to spend their online ad dollars.

    Marketing to Generation Z

    Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 Teresa Ackerman

    If Generation Z isn’t on your radar, they really should be! Generation Z, or Gen Z, is the generation that follows Millennials. According to the Center for Generational Kinetics, Gen Z is defined as those that were born from 1996 to now. The population currently consists of more than 23 million people in the United States alone. 

    Brand Design vs. Campaign Design

    Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 Andrea Truan

    What’s the difference between brand design and campaign design? The quick answer is longevity.

    Why You Need to Utilize Micro-Influencers

    Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 Teresa Ackerman

    It is no secret that influencer marketing has quickly taken digital marketing by storm. According to a study by Linquia, 86 percent of marketers used influencer marketing tactics in 2016. Influencer marketing gained its popularity through brands enlisting individuals with large social media followings to promote their products or services. Now, the focus has shifted to a group of influencers that are proving to be much more influential than traditional celebrities. They are called micro-influencers.

    The Most Influential Consumers are on a Platform You Didn’t Expect

    Friday, Sep 1, 2017 Kaily Groover

    Nearly one in 10 adults have downloaded a podcast in the last 30 days, according to GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer. About one in 10 people (21 million total) may not seem like a significant amount, but the demographics of these listeners are impressive.

    Design Trends: Should you follow them?

    Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017 Andrea Truan

    New design trends emerge each year and are reflected in the designs of everything from cars and clothes to paint color.  

    What exactly can a trend entail 

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    Now Trending with Millennial Moms

    Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 Kelly Fletcher

    Did you know that approximately 9,000 babies per day are born to U.S. Millennial parents? It’s no wonder marketers are dying to capture her projected $200 billion in spending power, according to babycenter.com. Here are a few pointers to help get you started on your journey to reaching her. She can be a tough nut to crack.  

    Marketing to Women, MarketingPR

    Four Steps To Ensure Your Business is Prepared for A Crisis Situation

    Thursday, Aug 10, 2017 Chris Martin

    The information age has made almost the entirety of human knowledge available at our fingertips. However, it has also opened companies up to new types of threats, such as data breaches. 


    Pros and Cons of Celebrity Endorsements

    Thursday, Aug 3, 2017 Cheryl Ball

    There are a lot of obvious pros and cons of having a celebrity endorse your product or service. A true celebrity can help expand reach, but they might goof up and do something stupid, which could ultimately hurt your brand.


    The Beauty of Minimalist Design: Three Reasons Why it Works

    Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017 Andrea Truan
    1. Stand Out

    Good design uses color and composition to guide the viewer from point A to point B. Point A is the idea and point B would be the call to action. Large areas of white with a single image or clever copy will set an ad apart from others faster than any other design trick.

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