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    Our top social media moments of 2015

    Now that 2015 has come and gone, we’ve narrowed down our favorite social media moments of the year. We’ve included pivotal occurrences in America’s history, as well as hilarious memories that still make us #LOL. Here are our favorites!

    1. #LoveWins

    When the SuWhite House - Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/national/white-house-rainbow-lights-after-scotus-marriage-e/nmmwj/preme Court ruled gay marriage legal, the hashtag #LoveWins skyrocketed on social media platforms everywhere. Facebook created a profile picture filter in celebration, and President Barack Obama even tweeted from his @POTUS account to share his happiness with the decision. #LoveWins was a powerful moment in not only social media but American history.

    1. The Dress

    The infamous dress that caused a nationwide scandal. Was it black and blue or gold and white? After dividing couples, co-workers and #BFFs apart, the controversial dress picture finally came to light. The composition of the dress in the photo, when combined with the perfect amount of light, gives off a certain appearance to people based on their genetic makeup. In truth, the dress is black and blue.

    1. @POTUS

    Social media is great because each platform becomes its own community of support and influence. President Barack Obama recognized this for his political campaign back in 2008, but this year, he finally was able to create his own accounts. He set a world record for gaining more than 1 million followers in just five hours.

    1. Left Shark

    Left Shark, noLeft Shark – Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/7CZby9Vtorious for his unsynchronized dance moves during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance, was made into hilarious memes and GIFs that were shared across social media platforms for weeks after the performance. He danced his way into our hearts and quickly became an overnight sensation. We weren’t surprised when pop culture lovers embraced Left Shark as a Halloween costume later in the year.

    1. Taylor Swift vs. Apple Music

    If you still don’t believe in the power of social media and influence, recall the moment when Taylor Swift tweeted her discontent with Apple Music after they announced they would not be paying artists for the first three months. Once Taylor Swift, who has a Twitter following of more than 69.2 million (let alone, millions more across all platforms), tweeted that she was disappointed in Apple Music and how she would be pulling her music from the service, Apple quickly responded saying that it would change its policy to pay artists.

    1. #PrayForParis

    When terror hit Paris, social media again Pray for Paris - Source: Jean Jullienbecame an outpouring of support and love for those affected. In tribute to the lives that were lost, hashtags including #PrayForParis were shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and Facebook profile pictures were adorned with a custom filter bearing the French flag.

    Social media is a powerful tool, encompassing influence, voices of the people and necessary communications in times of crisis. Although social media in 2015 did capture the highs and lows of the year, it also showed us just how critical it can be in reaching a large audience with one photo, 140 characters or a simple filter. We’re excited to see how social media evolves and advances in 2016 to meet our ever-growing need to live in the moment.

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