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    Mental block? Get your creative juices flowing

    Mental block? Get your creative juices flowingIn the world of marketing, being creative is a daily requirement. Staying creative, however, isn’t always easy. There are days you have writer’s block or your muse is simply gone. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few tricks to jumpstart your right brain!

    Listen to music
    Lend your ear to upbeat tunes when you need to get your mind in gear. Just like when you work out, music can help you focus and set the mood for your creativity. Select an artist or genre that you don’t typically listen to for a different experience that can help churn out those new ideas.

    Go outside
    Even if you’re a homebody, getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight is not only healthy, but good for your creative spirit! A change of scenery is sometimes all you need to trigger your creativity – and soak up some vitamin D in the process. The fresh air will open up your thoughts and mind.

    Get physical
    Exercise is a great way to enhance your creativity. Moving around will get your blood flowing and help you overcome mental blocks. Exercise impacts your key factors in creativity –divergent and convergent thinking (the ability to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions or the ability to give a single correct answer, respectively). On top of that, you’ll benefit by: more productivity, better mood and more energy.

    Try a new food
    Trying to work while hungry never results in anything good! But snacking can help give you that boost you need to focus and think outside the box. Trying a new food is one way you can energize your creative senses and your taste buds. Choosing healthy snacks, like fruit, that are rich in antioxidants can also help enhance your mood.

    There are plenty of ways to get your creative juices flowing, and different methods work for each individual. How do you defeat your creative blocks? Tell us and we may just try it out!


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