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    Marketing to the minimalist: She wants less


    The concept of women searching for “less” is one that is hard to come to grips with at face value. Millennials are currently one of the largest targeted demographics when it comes to marketing, but an even more defined sector is the minimalist.A minimalist is defined as someone who is content and even sometimes advocates for living simply. Minimalists are focused on living with less items that are cheaper, more versatile and have less of an impact on the environment.

    When marketing to millennial women, it is key to remember that they now look for “simple.” Due to the recession, the 18-30 somethings don’t desire luxury. Gone are the days of mansions, diesel chugging vehicles and desires for the biggest and most expensive.

    Minimalist women now look to shop cheap, local and organic. Instead of just asking herself if it is “in-style” or if it is “the trend,” she asks the questions “How will it benefit my life?” “What are good reasons that I should buy it?” and “Do I really want to own this forever?” She now not only wants to research the product itself, but she searches to understand why she wants the product in the first place.

    It is now important for marketers to understand that to gain the consumer interest of many young adult women, they must market why their service or product constitutes that “less is best.” Among the companies who have successfully embraced the minimalist trend include Apple.

    Although expensive, iPhones have successfully taken several needs and fit them into one device. Owners can access all social media, contacts, email and even download a plethora of apps for couponing, banking and cooking. Apple understood that their target consumer wanted one product to do it all instead of multiple only doing some. Check out the blog Life without Pants for more on the rising trend in minimalist marketing.

    Put quite simply, businesses now cannot ignore targeting women with a minimalist lifestyle. Millennials want their products, services and information faster, cheaper and easily accessible. Minimalist women are decluttering their lives and planning out their purchases more carefully. Now, if she wants to be more “chic,” she also wants to be more essential.

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