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    Maria Shriver...She's SO Empowered!

    Today's blog post turns the spotlight on a woman who definitely embodies the phrase "She's SO Empowered," California's First Lady Maria Shriver. She might have grown up as a member of the iconic Kennedy family (her mother Eunice was sister to US President John F. Kennedy), but she certainly hasn't rested on any laurels of her famous name. The Women's Conference is an annual event that she has led since 2004, having built it into the largest one-day conference for women in the nation. When the event began in 1985, it was to serve as a nonpartisan forum for women business owners. At that time, women-owned businesses were failing at a high rate and the conference was created to provide support to this growing sector of the economy and to help women access funding and resources. Shriver holds fast to her belief in the "power of WE," working to empower women everywhere.

    Held in Long Beach, California, the event has featured such high-profile speakers as Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Barbara Walters, Jane Fonda, Queen Noor of Jordan, Martha Stewart, Tyra Banks, Queen Rania, Maureen Dowd, Sandra Day O'Connor, Anna Quindlen, and Billie Jean King. These speakers, and many others, have addressed the issues and concerns important to women today including family, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, politics, spirituality, health, aging and financial planning.

    Maria Shriver has worked diligently to form corporate partnerships to bring The Women's Conference into the spotlight as a destination for world opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, tastemakers, spiritual figures, authors, journalists, artists and women from all walks of life to share perspectives. Through the organization's website, forums and blog, users are able to find common ground, undergo transformative experiences and create lasting legacies.

    As the number of women in business continues to grow, events such as this are vital to the success of organizations that are run by and cater to women. Maria Shriver serves as a great example of someone making strides to help women and girls achieve their dreams.

    Thinking of a fabulous woman who is SO Empowered? Leave us a comment and tell us all about her!

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