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    Marketing to Women: Kay Jewelers & the NFL are A Winning Combination

    Lots of things are synonymous with professional football, but sparkling jewelry probably isn't on that list. However, when millions of Americans tune in weekly to watch their favorite teams go head to head on the gridiron, national retailer Kay Jeweler's is front and center. The company returned this season to sponsor the NFL Network's Kay Jewelers Postgame Show featuring Rich Eisen, Deion Sanders and others. This move by Kay Jewelers is strategic in that it gives the company a chance to be in the spotlight. While it might seem strange because the majority of football viewers have always been predominantly male, there are several reasons why this is a smart marketing move.

    First, women now make up almost half of the sport's fan base with 375 thousand female fans attending games each weekend and over 45 million women watching professional football on TV each week. We already blogged about this phenom and some of the changes that have come from it here. Second, the other half of football fans are men....men with wives and girlfriends who want to be given jewelry. By working with the NFL, Kay Jewelers is making sure that its name is the first one that comes to mind when the time comes to make a jewelry purchase.

    In this case, instead of the purchasing power of women being the driving factor, it's more about the purchasing power of men for the women in their lives. So women are still playing a huge role in the way money is spent, just a little more indirectly. It seems like Kay Jewelers is onto something and with its success, other retailers are sure to follow by developing similar strategies. Could your business use a little boost in the area of marketing? Well what are you waiting for? Give us a call!

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