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    Jewelry Television Host Getting Some Extra Screen Time for Marketing to Women

    If any loyal fans of Jewelry Television are tuning into the 17th season of the hit CBS show The Amazing Race, don't be surprised if a familiar face appears on your screen. Brook Roberts, JTV on-air host extraordinaire is pairing up with a friend and former colleague as contestants tackling the adventure! The pair plan on showing the world that glamorous, beautiful women can be equally smart and capable by taking home the grand prize, one million dollars.

    Brook is no stranger to exotic travel, as a certified gemologist, she has visited gem mines all over the world. She says she is looking forward to using her skills of persuasion to complete the race challenges and tasks, especially when interacting with local folks who can help with things like travel. She also relies on her "wicked sense of humor" to help her deal with adversity, laughing her way out of any obstacle. She is clearly in it to win it.

    In the last sixteen seasons of The Amazing Race since its inception, there has yet to be a winning team made up of two females. Brook and her partner are making it their goal to change that! As best friends, they complement each other in many ways and feel that their personalities and drive combined will put victory within their reach. Being in the spotlight is old hat to these fabulous ladies, so there's definitely no fear of their being able to handle the pressure. There are other teams with skills and determination, but they are no match for Brook's sassy attitude and passion. This is absolutely the season to watch! Brook, we're rooting for you!

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