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    Facebook Timeline for Brands: Marketing to Women with your unique story

    Today, Facebook rolled out the Timeline function for brands. Like Facebook user profiles (for which Timeline was integrated recently), brand pages will be presented in chronological order, giving page admins the chance to tell their brands' unique stories. According to Timeline product manager Sam Lessin, “Organizations have identities too."

    An article from Mashable today states "brands can also call out specific milestones — a first sale, major acquisition or debut of a hit product, for example — by starring them so they appear double-wide. That exists with personal Timeline profiles already, but can wield special force for brands."

    The article goes to say "When you visit a brand Page in Timeline layout, the experience becomes more personal." You see a prominently displayed section on the landing page showing you how many of your friends like the brand, and "your friends’ public mentions of related topics."

    Gokul Rajaram, Facebook’s product director for ads said “The goal is to make Pages more engaging and more social."

    The article states "Much like with profiles, the new platform has the potential for real design beauty, but with the added bonus of multiple publicly-known storylines and angles to draw from. The cover photo can be especially powerful for its ability to display logos, products or personalities. The timeline itself showcases brands’ unique stories and identities. Facebook is also introducing some handy new admin capabilities, including the ability to sticky selected pieces of content for seven days."

    To read more about Facebook Timeline for pages, click here.

    Is your brand using Facebook to effectively tell your unique story in a way that engages your audience? If not and you'd like a little help with this, we'd love to talk to you!

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