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    The number of female entrepreneurs is definitely on the rise, with women having more power both in the areas of earning and spending money. While this is something to be celebrated, we'd be remiss if we didn't also mention the struggles of women in other countries who don't have as many opportunities as we do here in the States. Several savvy American businesses are working to help out in that area, and impacting the lives of many both at home and abroad.

    Jennifer Jack of Good Fortune Soap travels to Haiti, leading workshops and teaching women there how to make soap. She then markets it here in the United States and uses the proceeds to continue the cycle, creating sustainability for the women of Haiti. In addition to soap-making, she also oversees the collection of pieces of roadside rubble and debris which are then turned into fashionable jewelry items. Coined "Rubble Wear," the proceeds of these items help Haitian women feed and support their families.

    Another great organization with a similar mission is FashionABLE, based in Nashville, Tennessee. The FashionABLE Project sells beautiful woven scarves, handmade by women in Africa. Each scarf comes with a story of the woman who created it and tells of the empowerment she felt because of being given an opportunity to support herself and her family.

    There are many other organizations like Good Fortune and FashionABLE, working to help women all over the world feel more empowered. We can play a part in the process by choosing to support them as well. Here at FletcherPR we believe in the power of women and are so proud of these fabulous folks and the strides they are making to lend a hand!

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