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    Football Advertising Fever

    Monday, Feb 9, 2015 Melissa

    Who DIDN’T watch the game last week? International Business Times reported that an average of 114.4 million people viewed NBC’s Sunday broadcast per minute! And although seeing the best two football teams in America confront one another isn't often considered the place for 'softies', the ads featured last week certainly appealed to the 'softer' side of our emotions.

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    Thursday Night Primetime Trifecta: A Girls' Night with the Leading Ladies

    Wednesday, Sep 3, 2014 Melissa

    I am counting down the days for my “Thursday TV Trifecta” (aka: my shows) – Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and the new How to Get Away with Murder! I had drifted away from Grey’s Anatomy, but my interest was resuscitated when I discovered that Scandal came on right after it. Now, with How to Get Away with Murder rounding out my Thursday night, I am happily planning a girls night in to kick off the fall line-up.

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