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    Improve Your Corporate Social Responsibility

    Friday, May 5, 2017 Cheryl Ball

    Marketing your product or service is competitive these days, regardless of your field or industry. Brands are grappling for what sets them apart. What is their unique selling proposition, or what is their “secret sauce?”  

    Women who stand for what is right: A 5-part series celebrating Women's History Month

    Wednesday, Mar 9, 2016 Cheryl Ball

    Sometimes, taking a stand is a calculated decision. Other times, it is a gut reaction in the moment. Either way, drawing a line in the sand takes courage and conviction.

    Marketing to Women, Malala Yousafzai, Women's History Month, Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks

    Key takeaways from PRSA International Conference

    Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 Cheryl Ball

    The annual PRSA International Conference was held in Atlanta this week, and I was privileged to attend with approximately 1,200 public relations professionals from around the world. There are so many opportunities to learn at a conference like this – from the breakout and general sessions to the exhibit hall, and perhaps most importantly, from fellow attendees. My four main takeaways from the conference were:

    public relations, PRSA, content marketing, marketing, paid media

    Supporting education for girls through the Malala Fund

    Friday, Sep 11, 2015 Cheryl Ball

    Over the last several months, I’ve had a couple opportunities to learn about the Malala Fund and the upcoming film release, “He Named Me Malala.” Co-founded by Malala Yousafzai and her father, the fund works to secure girls’ rights to a minimum of 12 years of quality education, particularly in the global south. The goal is to help girls achieve their potential and positively impact their local communities for the rest of their lives. Below are a few stats on why this is such important work.

    #withmalala, women in leadership, education, Her Views, She's SO Empowered!, strong women, She's SO Empowered, Her Heroes, malala, Cheryl Ball, girl power

    5 Career Lessons from a Veteran Practitioner

    Monday, Oct 27, 2014 Cheryl Ball

    Lists are a hot tactic in the world of content marketing, so as a PR pro, I thought I’d take this opportunity to put a best practice into action. As a “senior practitioner” (I hate calling myself that), my most memorable career lessons have happened during moments of failure. I’ve taken my lumps and observed others taking theirs.

    Here are five hard won lessons that may help you on your personal journey to success at work (and play):

    5) Embrace other people’s strengths. No one is good at everything. Know what you’re good at and where you’re deficient, and surround yourself with people who complement your abilities.

    4) Be your own worst critic. If you aren’t, you can bet someone else is. Pay attention to your own work and search for ways to become better. The counterbalance – don’t take yourself too seriously.

    3) Avoid burnout. We spend a huge portion of our lives at work, and there is more to life than burning the midnight oil all the time. Enjoy what you do and the people you work with. If you never feel a sense of accomplishment, it may be time to look for another job or career.

    2) Be a change agent. Marketing communications is fast-paced and always changing. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new ideas. Be daring with your next headline. You never know where it may lead you!

    1) Remain relevant. It’s my responsibility to provide value to my clients and my employer. Embrace lifelong learning and consciously look for ways to stay relevant.

    Cheryl Ball

    Zaggora HotPants Markets Burning More Calories to Women

    Thursday, Sep 5, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    Some say it is the hottest new trend in fitness and fashion. These HotPants claim to elevate your temperature while wearing them. It is not a new fact that the hotter you get, the more calories you burn.

    advertising to female consumers, Marketing to Women, Cheryl Ball

    Award Winning Work from FletcherPR

    Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    We have been fortunate to work with the Knox County Health Department on two different campaigns in the last year. While very different topics and projects, both received recognition from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) at their annual Addy Awards.

    AAF, Knox County Health Department, Cheryl Ball, Addy Awards

    What Not to Wear on Market Square

    Wednesday, Jun 5, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    Summer brings out our creative nature. Gone are the dark, heavy clothes of winter and here to stay are the bright, fun fashions of summer. And summer has definitely arrived! I know this because of the apparel choices that have recently emerged on Market Square.

    Knoxville, Marketing to Women, Cheryl Ball, Market Square Fun

    Eat Play Live Tackles Food Access in Knox County

    Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    At FletcherPR, we are so excited to be working with the Knox County Health Department. One project we are right in the middle of is addressing how leadership, environment and business all impact our overall community health.

    Knoxville, Philanthropy, Her Happenings, Marketing to Women, Cheryl Ball

    Marketing to Women: 3 Keeping It Real Tips

    Friday, Mar 22, 2013 Cheryl Ball

    No one likes to think they are being sold, and women are hyper sensitive to fast sales talk. A genuine approach is more likely to resonate, but what does that mean? And how do you market to women?

    Cheryl Ball

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