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    4 Common Brand Messaging Mistakes by Marketers (and how to avoid them)

    Tuesday, Aug 6, 2013 Alexandra

    We market to women, and although that may seem like a small niche to reach (it’s not, read here), marketing in general can fall on deaf ears if any of these common brand messaging mistakes take place:

    1. Not speaking to customers’ values: companies too often build messages around their products, not what’s most important to their customers. Align your message with their values for the most success.
    2. Relying too heavily on buzzwords: Gamification? Clickability? Using buzzwords on a campaign that is targeting your customer can backfire in two ways – your customer doesn’t know what the words mean or they are so overused that the words don’t have an impact anymore. It is better to just stay away from them.
    3. Failing to make your messages portable: Make your messaging simple yet effective so word-of-mouth can carry it on. Think of boiling it down to 2 sentences and use that as a central theme throughout all marketing materials.
    4. Forgetting to excite: You are excited about your marketing message because you probably came up with it. However, many customers are on auto-pilot when shopping, making decisions, etc. so stand out and excite your customer in a new way.

    Bring success to your new marketing campaign by avoiding these common marketing mistakes. If you need help marketing in the Knoxville area, give us a call today at (865) 249-8371.

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    HelloFlo - viral campaign marketing tampons to women

    Thursday, Aug 1, 2013 Chris Martin

    Menstruation isn’t exactly the most delicate topic to discuss, whether in casual conversation or for marketers and advertisers. In advertising, we typically see euphemisms which vaguely allude to, and dance around, the matter at hand. You hear words like “flow,” “absorbent” and “keep you dry” instead of “period” or “menstruation.”

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