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    More from @BridgetBrennan, author of "Why She Buys"

    Friday, Oct 28, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    We’ve mentioned Bridget Brennan and her wildly popular book “Why She Buys” here on the Her Voice blog before, in discussions about gender and its effects on consumer behavior as well as how friendships between women play a role in the shopping experience. Brennan recently spoke candidly about her thoughts and expanded on some of the ideas from her book.

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    A Unique Online Shopping Experience with @AHAlife

    Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Internet shopping has long been a convenient way to update your wardrobe or give a gift without ever leaving the comfort of your desk or sofa, but there’s a new company giving internet shoppers a unique twist on the experience and The New York Times recently sat down with founder Shauna Mei to talk about her brainchild.

    She's SO Empowered: #MissRep Documentary via @OprahWinfreyNet

    Friday, Oct 21, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    There's a new documentary about the representation of women in the media and it's really gotten people talking. The film, MissRepresentation, premiered on Oprah's OWN Network last night and attempts to shed some light on how the mainstream media portrays women and girls. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom (pictured below with Gloria Steinem, Daphne Zuniga and Geena Davis), the film provides an up-close look at how women in positions of power are scrutinized by members of the media in ways that their male counterparts are not.

    empowering women, media stereotypes, MissRepresentation Documentary, OWN Network, empowering girls, strong women, Knoxville PR Agency, PR for Women

    TV's Portrayal of Public Relations

    Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    The workplace is a popular setting for some of today’s most beloved television shows (The Office, Law & Order, Gray’s Anatomy, and 30 Rock to name a few). From hospitals and police precincts to radio stations and automotive garages, just about every workplace imaginable has been used as a backdrop. There’s a new show on NBC called Free Agents that caught our attention because it’s a sit-com where the workplace happens to be an advertising & public relations agency.

    public relations perceptions, Knoxville PR Agency, Free Agents, TV portrayals of public relations, Hank Azaria

    Kelly Cutrone speaks her mind {@peoplesrev}

    Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    We've expressed our admiration for the fabulous Kelly Cutrone here on the Her Voice blog in the past and a recent article in Advertising Age magazine only further supports our claim that she is amazing! Kelly is getting ready to join the panel of judges for the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model, taking over for Andre Leon Talley, who is leaving the show.

    women in leadership, Kelly Cutrone, empowered women

    Ad Icons, Who are they really for?

    Monday, Oct 3, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    According to Los Angeles ad-man Rob Schwartz, we're in a new age of the advertising icon. We've previously discussed advertising campaigns' use of anthropomorphized characters like Mr. Clean and Mrs. Butterworth, as well as created our own characters for our award-winning campaign for Conceptrol (Love the penis, Kill the sperm).

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