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    Friday, Sep 30, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Marketing to Women, know your audience, She-conomy

    She's SO Empowered: @mindykaling (via @nytimes)

    Monday, Sep 26, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Mindy Kaling wears many hats during her 18-hour workdays on the set of the sit-com The Office, but that hasn’t always been the case. When she was hired as a writer/sometimes actor on the show at the age of 24, she didn’t have nearly as much responsibility. Back then she was the only woman on the 8-member writing staff. 8 years and 10 additional writers later, Kaling has written 22 episodes of the popular show, and she now can add executive producer and director to her resume.

    mindy kaling, role-models, strong women, She's SO Empowered

    Bragging Rights via @HuffPostWomen

    Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    It's pretty much common knowledge around here that marketing to women is what we do best. That statement might sound like we're bragging, but according to a recent Huffington Post article on men and women in the workplace, we need to brag on ourselves a bit more. The article outlines different qualities men possess that aren't such strong-suits for women. One of these is thinking we are awesome.

    power of the purse, men and women in the workplace, Huffington Post Women

    Why Women Rule...the Internet, that is {via @blissdom}

    Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Empowering Girls with the @kindcampaign

    Tuesday, Sep 6, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    “Frenemies are enemies who act like friends.” – Mean Girls

    Finding Kind Documentary, leadership, empowering girls, strong women, Kind Campaign

    The #fivethings @huffpostwomen keep on hand

    Thursday, Sep 1, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    The Huffington Post did a recent article on powerful businesswomen, but it wasn’t your typical business feature. The story shares an inside look at how these women get their work done, specifically what items they like to keep nearby to help them tackle their jobs. They might sound like small things, but aren’t the small things what usually make the big difference? If we stopped to think about it, there are probably things that all of us like to have on hand while working, things that make the day a bit sweeter or each task more manageable.

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