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    Ladies Love Social Media

    Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Sometimes it’s difficult to remember a time before social media. We’re all so connected these days, it would be tough to experience anything to the contrary. In 2005, one study found that only 5% of internet users utilized social media. Just six short years later that number is 65%. When this statistic is broken down by gender, we see that a whopping 69% of women actively utilize social media daily, compared to the 60% of men who do.

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    The Community of E-Commerce when Marketing to Women

    Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    How many times have you seen a commercial or ad for some fabulous line of products or fashions and gone straight to your computer or smart phone to check out the accompanying site? When a company doesn’t have a web presence or fails to offer the option of e-commerce, something just doesn’t feel quite right. E-commerce is a vital part of any business’ success, especially when compared to the expense involved in traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts.

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    Being #PrettyPowerful

    Friday, Aug 19, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Anyone who is even the least bit familiar with the cosmetics industry has heard of Bobbi Brown. She has made a name for herself by offering real beauty solutions to real women, encouraging them to figure out what works best for them, instead of trying to look like someone they aren’t. Her latest campaign to empower women is called Pretty Powerful and it’s currently in its second installment.

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    Venture Capital, Changing the Status Quo

    Monday, Aug 15, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Venture capital firms deal with the big money and this field has always been dominated by men. According to a recent Huffington Post article by former VC exec Christine Bronstein, the statistics are changing. She says the power of women VCs coupled with their growing network of female CEOs is having “an enormous impact on women who run startups” and as a result, our global economy.

    Creative Marketing to Women, Right on Target

    Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Over the years, Target has really worked to set itself apart from the other ‘big box stores’ by tailoring its offerings with specific shoppers in mind. The success this retail giant has experienced must be credited, at least in part, to its dedication to bringing high-end fashion labels to the masses. Beginning with Isaac Mizrahi, Target has collaborated with popular designers such as Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, and Anna Sui. Not only are these designers widely sought-after, but they also go for a much higher price point than the average shopper can afford. Target remedies this by providing styles from each designer at a fraction of the price they would normally sell for. Because each collection is limited in quantity as well as the amount of time it will be available in stores, lots of buzz is always created for Target.

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    Value-Conscious Consumerism...Something to Sing About!

    Friday, Aug 5, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Women are bombarded with messages telling us what we should buy, how we should dress and who we should emulate. These murky waters can be daunting, especially as we are trying to raise up the next generation of confident, self-assured young ladies. Thankfully, there’s a new trend on the rise, one we're calling "value-conscious consumerism," and it’s most encouraging to see.

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    Lending a Hand to Feed the Need

    Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    When was the last time you enjoyed a movie in the theater, spent the afternoon shopping or just caught up with friends over drinks? Each of these fun activities probably took at least a couple hours. What would you say if we told you that a couple hours of your time could change the life of a child for an entire year? If you’re like us, that fact would get you pretty excited.

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