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    Ranking Customer Brand Loyalty and Marketing to Women

    Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Here at Her Voice, we’ve discussed customer loyalty and how it is affected by gender, but which brands get the most loyalty from the sexes? According to a report from marketing group Buyology, there are certain desired brands that women hold in high regard. The report comes on the heels of a six-year study of 5,000 consumers classifying 240 U.S. brands.

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    Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

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    Her Happenings: Baseball's 1st Ladies Night

    Thursday, Jun 16, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Baseball is known as our country's 'national pastime' and on this day in history, the New York Giants (now in San Francisco) took a giant step forward for women: hosting the first ever Ladies Night at the Polo Grounds where they played. This event, which took place in 1883, offered free admission to ladies as a way of encouraging them to attend a game. In recent years, professional athletics have come back around and are recognizing the important role their female fans play, but there was definitely a lengthy period in which sports were just for men. We think it's pretty cool that all the way back in 1883, marketing to women was a smart move!

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    image via Flickr Creative Commons

    Celebrating Best Friends when Marketing to Women

    Wednesday, Jun 8, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    June 8th is Best Friends Day and what better place to celebrate it but here at Her Voice! In the past, we've discussed the importance of connecting with our girlfriends as well as the role female friendship plays in the field of marketing when it comes to reaching your audience.

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    She's SO Empowered: Jill Abramson

    Thursday, Jun 2, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    We’re all about celebrating strong, empowered women and who better embodies that phrase than the newly appointed editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson. She is a former investigative reporter and has served as managing editor since 2003. A born and raised New Yorker, she likened growing up with a Times subscription to being a religion.

    women in leadership, strong women, She's SO Empowered, Jill Abramson, NY Times

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