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    She's SO Empowered: Ursula Burns

    Thursday, Feb 24, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Ursula Burns is not only the first African-American woman to have been named C.E.O. of a major American Corporation, but she is also the first woman to succeed another woman as head of a company of this size. The company happens to be Xerox, whose name has been established as an everyday verb. Burns began as an intern with the company and over the last 30 years has worked her way up the ranks. When all the fuss was made about her new position, she enjoyed it at first, but quickly turned her attention to the task at hand, steering Xerox to become “more fearless and frank,” but describing one aspect of the corporate culture as “terminal niceness.”

    women in leadership, Fortune 500 Company, Xerox, She's SO Empowered, female CEO, Ursula Burns

    Design by Gender and Marketing to Women

    Sunday, Feb 20, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    There is no question that magazines geared to women are designed differently than those intended for a male audience. Among the many differences in men and women is how each gender views visual design and responds to it accordingly. This is especially important to understand when it comes to designing websites. All the great information in the world isn't going to get read by anybody if it isn't presented in a way that is first visually appealing.

    gender, website design, know your audience

    Social Media Meets the Met

    Friday, Feb 18, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    For almost 150 years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been at the forefront of American art museums, establishing itself as a leader in the museum world. Arguably the most recognized art museum in this country, it has seen its share of leadership come and go, most recently with Thomas Campbell in his third year at the helm as director. Campbell is making waves at the museum in more ways than one, but one important development he is responsible for bringing about is the establishment of a greater virtual presence for the Met.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, art, virtual experience, marketing, NYC, museum

    For the Sake of Social Media Marketing to Women

    Friday, Feb 11, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) released its new social media policy this week with the hopes that it will offer a unified voice to govern the organization's social media efforts. The entire world is buzzing over the use of social media these days, from organizing protests in Egypt to what Ashton Kutcher had for lunch.

    Scott Stratten, UnMarketing, engage, PRSA, know your audience, twitter, Social Media

    Making Cents of the Ads when Marketing to Women

    Monday, Feb 7, 2011 Kelly Fletcher

    Over 109 million viewers tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, but as often is the case, some viewers are just as excited, if not more so, to see what new creative ads are unveiled. This year’s ads were a hit, with some of the most popular representing the automobile industry. While the NFL has made some strides to include and engage its female audience, the majority of the ads shown during the game were geared to men.

    Darth Vader, commercials, Advertisements, Brigestone, Volkswagen: The Force, NFL, Super Bowl XLV

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