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    #MsInterPReted - Coronavirus & the Community Hospital Impact

    #MsInterPReted - PRCA Ramp-Up of COVID-19 PR Industry Resources

    #MsInterPReted: PR Done Well or Done Wrong in the COVID-19 Era

    #MsInterPReted - Employers, Employees & Legal Impacts of Federal Coronavirus Aid Legislation

    #MsInterPReted Twitter chat with @nickyregazzoni and @GeorgeBlizzard Recap

    #MsInterPReted SPECIAL EDITION: Crisis Planning for Business Continuity

    #MsInterPReted #EthicsWashing: The New Authenticity Fail?

    #MsInterPReted Twitter Chat with @laurafromaura Recap

    #MsInterPReted -PR, Metrics, and Nudge Theory: Shayoni Lynn

    #MsInterPReted - Women Helping Women: Mentorship & Community Engagement

    #MsInterPReted Twitter Chat with @EllaMinty Recap

    #MsInterPReted Explores Reaching the Big ‘L’ in #LGBT: How Marketers Keep Getting it Wrong

    Direct Sales: Why Entrepreneurial Women are the Driving Force

    Ms. InterPReted:  Season 1 Memorable Moments

    PR & Entrepreneurship:  Managing Stress & Burnout

    The PoweR of Strategic Charitable Giving: Mike McClamroch

    Cartoons, Creativity & Courage: Editorial Cartoonist Marshall Ramsey

    Part 2 - Leading PR From The Front: A Conversation with PRCA-UK's Director General, Francis Ingham

    Leading from the Front: A Chat with PRCA’s Francis Ingham (Part 1 of 2)

    Crafting the Entrepreneurial Story: Marcus Hall

    Ms. InterPReted Episode 7:  Differentiating True PR Strategy From Mere Tactics

    Ms. InterPReted Episode 6: The State of Influencer Marketing

    Ms. InterPReted Episode 5: #BrandsTakingStands or #GetWokeGoBroke

    Ms. InterPReted Episode 4 - Tennessee Tourism PR: It's All That & A Sip of Whiskey

    #MsInterPReted Episode 3: Marketing to Women with CEO Kelly Fletcher

    Fletcher / West Join Forces with New #MsInterPReted Public Relations Podcast

    The Rules & Ethics Behind Influencer Marketing

    Violins of Hope: A Public Relations Project That Spreads Goodwill

    My Summer Internship at Fletcher Marketing PR

    Celebrating Alisia Chandler 

    Marketing to Youth: Millennials vs Generation Z

    The Kate Spade Tragedy and Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention

    Saying Goodbye to my Spring Internship

    #PressforProgress- International Women's Day 2018

    Mary Beth West Sells Public Relations Firm to Fletcher Marketing PR

    It's Not All Lip Gloss and Boob Jobs - Misconceptions about marketing to women

    Twitter takes a 360, moving from 140 to 280

    Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

    Pinterest's Unique Equality Campaign

    Customizing the Consumer Experience

    What to Know About SEO

    An Infographic - Building Trust with Millennial Moms

    Building Trust with Millennial Moms: 5 Takeaways from M2Moms®

    Moving into the next age of digital advertising

    Marketing to Generation Z

    Brand Design vs. Campaign Design

    Why You Need to Utilize Micro-Influencers

    The Most Influential Consumers are on a Platform You Didn’t Expect

    Design Trends: Should you follow them?

    Now Trending with Millennial Moms

    Four Steps To Ensure Your Business is Prepared for A Crisis Situation

    Pros and Cons of Celebrity Endorsements

    The Beauty of Minimalist Design: Three Reasons Why it Works

    Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Posts

    Loyalty: The Early Brand Gets the Worm

    Three Myths About Millennial Moms

    The Importance of Online Reviews to Your Business

    CEO Kelly Fletcher Receives Gary McCormick Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Future of Digital Marketing is Video Marketing

    Color That Changes Lives

    Improve Your Corporate Social Responsibility

    How to Plan the Best Event for Your Organization

    Crisis Communication Lessons From the United Airlines Fiasco

    Influencer Marketing is the New Black

    Pictures, Posts and Purchases: Marketing on Instagram

    Who is She? The Diversity of Female Consumers

    Travel Economy: Three Ways to Reach Female Customers

    What's Next in Social Media for Marketing?

    Three Keys to Executing a Kick-Ass Co-Branded Partnership: Shop LC and Zang Toi Partner for NYFW

    Go Girl Designs Drives Sales Through Influencer Marketing Campaign

    Movement Continues for Gender Equality

    Heartstrings and Headlines- This Year's Super Bowl Ads

    Lessons from a Decade of Entrepreneurship

    2017: The Year of Snapchat Marketing

    Women Who "Won Marketing" in 2016

    Ring in the New Year With Five Social Media Resolutions

    Transparency Has its Benefits

    Taco Bell Brand Update is Hot and Fresh

    REI Campaign is Pure Genius

    Social Media, Sponsored Content and the Future of News

    The Power of Color

    The Fine Art of the Pivot During Election Season

    Vine's Final Decline

    Calming visual chaos with effective graphic design

    3 tips to improve your writing

    Fletcher hosts Career Day for students, recent graduates

    Diversity marketing and why it works

    What PR agencies are looking for in new hires

    3 powerful reasons to use infographics

    Mental block? Get your creative juices flowing

    Women who help others: A 5-part series celebrating Women's History Month

    Women who color outside the lines: A 5-part series celebrating Women's History Month

    Women who break the glass ceiling: A 5-part series celebrating Women’s History Month

    Women who stand for what is right: A 5-part series celebrating Women's History Month

    Women who inspire us: A 5-part series celebrating Women’s History Month

    Fletcher Marketing PR wins 5 ADDYs

    Snapchat partners with Tribeca Film Festival

    Social media spending is on the rise

    Tips for organizing your work life

    Get more from your business’s Facebook page

    Does my brand need a refresh?

    How to land a great internship

    Fletcher CEO shares entrepreneurial journey with YEA students

    Our top social media moments of 2015

    Fletcher staff join PRSA, KAMA boards

    Cityview profiles CEO Kelly Fletcher

    Our Project GRAD website launch

    A happy work culture is key to success

    Getting our #Elfie on

    Why cause marketing works

    Key takeaways from PRSA International Conference

    Finding the “clever” in icon design

    3 reasons why you should blog for your business

    3 Tips to Landing a Marketing or PR Internship

    Tips to improve Twitter engagement

    The power of masterful storytelling

    Incorporating Pantone into your brand strategy

    3 simple ways to improve your website’s SEO

    5 rules for marketing to women

    When to pay for a sponsored blog post — A quick reference guide

    Marketing to the minimalist: She wants less

    Pitch perfect: Tips for media pitching

    Supporting education for girls through the Malala Fund

    3 reasons your business needs social media

    How does color affect marketing to women?

    3 reasons blogger campaigns work when marketing to women

    Happy Photography Day!

    Creativity can flourish - even inside the box

    It’s one Big Orange par-tay, y'all!

    gDiapers - Making a Difference in the Lives of Women Around the World

    Growth and Advice from Our Spring 2015 Intern, Rebecca Horky

    Happy Rubber Eraser Day!

    Rock Star Designer Contest: Your Chance to be Discovered

    8 mistakes businesses make on social media—Part 3

    Andrea Truan Joins Fletcher as Creative Director

    8 mistakes businesses make on social media—Part 2

    International Women’s Day is March 8th - Why We Care

    First Friday Fundraising

    In Social Media, Timing is Everything.

    Women: Master Multipliers

    Football Advertising Fever

    8 mistakes businesses make on social media—Part 1

    Jewelry Television Leaves Its Mark on the Big Apple

    5 Career Lessons from a Veteran Practitioner

    The #Bendgate Debacle

    Fletcher Hires Trifiro to Open Atlanta Office

    Domestic violence, the NFL and marketing to women

    Beads of Courage: Colorful Hope for Sick Children

    Thursday Night Primetime Trifecta: A Girls' Night with the Leading Ladies

    Is the Ice Bucket Challenge the best social media campaign ever?

    Nordstrom: Empowers-it-Forward with Girls

    Millennial Marketing

    Is Red "the New Black"?

    FPR's Abby Christensen Featured on Panel of Online Quiz Experts

    Headed to Charlotte, NC to Present at Regional PRSA Conference

    FletcherPR & JTV Roll into Charleston Fashion Week

    How the Loss of Net Neutrality Could Affect Marketers

    Kelly Fletcher Gives Press Preview Tips to International Fashion Bloggers

    NEWSFLASH: Public Relations is Stressful (Insert Sarcasm Here)

    Is Miley Cyrus a genius marketer?

    The Influence of Leading Women

    Wishing Cellular Sales a Happy 20th Birthday

    Wax for the Cure

    Three Reasons 'Sparkle' by Richard Simmons Resonates with Women

    Zaggora HotPants Markets Burning More Calories to Women

    4 Common Brand Messaging Mistakes by Marketers (and how to avoid them)

    HelloFlo - viral campaign marketing tampons to women

    A FletcherPR video production: Roadtrippin’ with Cellular Sales

    My Life as an Intern

    FletcherPR Uses Expertise and Influence to Open New Retail Concept

    Award Winning Work from FletcherPR

    Marketing Movies to Women—is the gender balance shifting?

    Social Media Day

    Marketing to Women via the Power of Media

    Changing Our Perception of Marketing to Women

    Marketing to Women With Premium Water

    The Double Standard of Marketing to Women on Facebook

    What Not to Wear on Market Square

    Marketing to Women on Pinterest

    Five Tips for College Grads

    European Wax Center Markets to Women

    Angelina Jolie: She’s So Empowered!

    When Marketing to Women Doesn't Make Us Feel Fat

    Marketing to Women Pays Off

    The Power of Social Media: How One Tweet Crashed the Stock Market

    Eat Play Live Tackles Food Access in Knox County

    Social Media Marketing Fail

    Marketing to Women: Worst Ads of 2012

    5 Ways Women Can Earn a Seat at the Table

    Marketing to Women: 3 Keeping It Real Tips

    Marketing to Women Saving the World

    Marketing to Working Women in Male-Dominated Fields

    Attractive Models Not Good for Marketing to Women

    Three Tips for Marketing to Women Online

    Marketing on Women: Using Bodies as Billboards

    Reaching Women Through the Power of Social Media

    Marketing to Women with Good Content

    You're Invited: Marketing to Women Business Owners

    Marketing Go Red for Women

    Let's Talk About Sex

    I See Dead People... Marketing to Women on Facebook

    Marketing to Women Making Financial Decisions

    Marketing to the Wall Street Journal

    She's SO Empowered: Rachelle Friedman

    Marketing to Women with Power Tips

    Another Example of Social Media Marketing Done in Bad Taste

    Tech has a Marketing to Women Problem

    Marketing to Women in the Workplace: Your Boss’s Wife May Decide Your Promotion

    A Case Study in Marketing to Women: Revive Personal Products

    The Year That Was: Social Media in 2012

    Marketing the Most Talked About Women of 2012

    Marketing Curves to Women

    Company Takes Unique Approach in Marketing to Women

    FletcherPR Adds Director of Marketing Communications

    Easy-Bake Oven No Longer Marketing Exclusively to Girls

    Marketing to Women: Jobs Gap Between Men and Women has Narrowed

    Marketing Pink Computers to Women

    Marketing to Women: We're Addicted to our Phones

    Marketing Women Stereotypes to Girls

    Marketing to Women: Keeping Tabs on Women in the Middle East?

    The NFL is Marketing Fashion to Women

    British Businessman Commits Marketing to Women Gaffe

    Marketing to Women: New Study Suggests Obsession with Thin Due to Advertising

    Brad Pitt is Marketing Perfume to Women

    Honda is Marketing a Car to Women and You’ll Never Guess What Color it is

    Marketing to Women in the Top Cities for Female Entrepreneurs

    Guess What? Twitter is a Great Place for Marketing to Women

    Maxipad Critiqued for Marketing to Women Tactics, Delivers Hilarious Video in Response

    Three Key Points in Marketing to Women

    Marketing Chocolate to Women. An Easy Proposition?

    Gatorade Leads by Example by Marketing to Women

    Marketing to Women Using Pinterest

    Marketing Jobs to Women: Male Editors Make $15,000 more than Female Editors

    Barneys Wants to Alter Minnie Mouse in Order to Market to Women

    Marketing to Women on Facebook

    Marketing "Fatshion" to Women: Fabulous or Faux Pas?

    Guest Blog: Secret Adventures for Courageous Women

    Hooter's Attempting to Market to Women

    FletcherPR Partners with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

    Marketing Wine to Women

    Marketing to Women on a Neurological Level

    Making Women Sweat: Marketing Workout Gear for Women

    Guest Blog: The Power in a Woman's Voice

    Artisan-Inspired Jewelry Collection Markets to Women

    She's SO Empowered: Kristen Varley

    Does Marketing to Women ever go too far?

    Engaging Interest is Crucial When Marketing to Women

    Private Sale Site Embodies Marketing to Women

    Solving the Gender Gap in Tech by Marketing to Girls

    Marketing to Women Through Food

    Marketing Women Athletes

    Marketing to Women, Because They’re Social

    Marketing to Women: Silicon Beach Babes

    Is your company prepared to handle a crisis?

    Marketing to Women: Bringing Meaning Back to Your Work

    Marketing to Women Through Workplace Achievements

    When Marketing to Women Becomes One Woman Marketing to the World

    Using Social Media for Marketing to Women and Men

    Marketing to Women? Stick to Your Founding Principles

    Marketing to Women: The Differences Between Female and Male Entrepreneurs

    Marketing to Women with Guy Candy

    Marketing to the Ever-Moving Woman

    Marketing to Women: Stats about Female Business Owners

    The Breastaurant Boom: Marketing Women to Men

    She's SO Empowered: Step Up Women's Network

    Marketing to Women: 30 Reasons It’s Great to be a Woman

    She's SO Empowered: Jeanne Robertson

    The Surfin' Plumbers are Catching a Wave to Tennessee

    JoeyBra: A Product Marketing to Women in College

    Ramping Up Your Office Style

    Redefining Social Media

    Keeping Current when Marketing to Women

    Multi-Media Marketing to Women in New and Different Ways

    Marketing to Women, the More Sociable Gender

    Is it time for a social media makeover?

    An Open Letter of Thanks to Women Leaders

    Working Women Infographic via Mashable

    Raunchy Commercial Attempts Marketing to Women Who Buy Household Products

    Talking to Men, Marketing to Women

    Gossip Girl & Birchbox Brand Partnership Marketing to Women

    Style Marketing to Women from Inside their Closets

    Boys Club, No Girls Allowed?

    Marketing to Women: Pushing Beyond Stereotypes

    Social Media's Influence on Marketing to Women

    Marketing to Women as Brand Ambassadors

    Social Media Marketing, Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Technology Marketing to Women

    How Public Relations is Like The Hunger Games

    Using Research AND Experience in Marketing to Women

    Women Marketing to Women, More than a Gender Advantage

    She's SO Empowered: Ruth Kaiser

    Social Media Marketing to Women, Celebrity Style

    Ace Hardware Gives Paint Personality, with New Campaign Marketing to Women

    International Women's Day 2012

    Marketing to Women Entrepreneurs, Some Good News

    How an Online Lingerie Retailer is Marketing to Women as if it were a Dating Site

    Facebook Timeline for Brands: Marketing to Women with your unique story

    Marketing to Women who Blog

    Health and Fitness Marketing to Women

    7 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a PR Agency Rather than an In-House PR Person

    There’s An App For That: Why Knowing Every Journalist In America Is Both Impossible and Unnecessary

    High Fashion Marketing to Women & Moms

    Using Pinterest for Marketing to Women

    Health & Beauty Brand Marketing to Women (and Men)

    Female Football Viewers Increase as NFL Improves Marketing to Women

    Super Bowl Commercials that Succeed in Marketing to Women

    Will Google's New Privacy Policy Affect Marketing to Women?

    Former Apple exec joins J.C. Penney, Unveils new strategy for marketing to women

    New Efforts from Brands Marketing to Women who are Single

    Lane Bryant's New Jeans Campaign Puts a Sexy Spin on Marketing to Women

    How Axe Body Spray is Marketing to Women

    Business (& Life) Lessons I Learned while Competing in Miss America

    How Celebrating Success plays a role in Marketing to Women

    She's SO Empowered: Lauren Bush Lauren

    Marketing Financial Services to Women

    Should Target Take Breastfeeding into Consideration when Marketing to Women?

    Toddler Riley on Marketing to Women

    Can GAP Brands Afford to Use Mixed Messages in their Efforts of Marketing to Women?

    How a Company Like Neti Pot Can Continue Marketing to Women After a PR Crisis

    Marketing to Women in the Midst of Changing Global Diversity

    Holiday Marketing to Women: If Men Ran Christmas

    Marketing to Women: A Million Dollars Strong

    Home Depot Works on Marketing to Women

    Japanese Cosmetic Co. has Unique Method of Marketing to Women

    Marketing to Women: Tampons Say Sorry

    How the Tech Industry is Missing Opportunities for Marketing to Women

    Why isn't Hollywood Marketing to Women?

    Whiskey & Its Marketing to Women

    Shopping & Females...A Social Activity

    Chevy & Its Marketing to Women Consumers Through the Years

    @TheEllenShow Tailors Messages for Marketing to Women (& Men)

    More from @BridgetBrennan, author of "Why She Buys"

    A Unique Online Shopping Experience with @AHAlife

    She's SO Empowered: #MissRep Documentary via @OprahWinfreyNet

    TV's Portrayal of Public Relations

    Kelly Cutrone speaks her mind {@peoplesrev}

    Ad Icons, Who are they really for?

    Smart Thoughts from @sheconomy

    She's SO Empowered: @mindykaling (via @nytimes)

    Bragging Rights via @HuffPostWomen

    Why Women Rule...the Internet, that is {via @blissdom}

    Empowering Girls with the @kindcampaign

    The #fivethings @huffpostwomen keep on hand

    Ladies Love Social Media

    The Community of E-Commerce when Marketing to Women

    Being #PrettyPowerful

    Venture Capital, Changing the Status Quo

    Creative Marketing to Women, Right on Target

    Value-Conscious Consumerism...Something to Sing About!

    Lending a Hand to Feed the Need

    Marketing to Women, A Sports Drink to Smile About

    The Girls’ Club Plays a Role in Marketing to Women

    She's SO Empowered: @TheSpiritCoach

    Power of the Purse, Crunching the Numbers

    Marketing to Women, B2B

    Something to think about...

    Ranking Customer Brand Loyalty and Marketing to Women

    Smart Thoughts on the Social Web

    Her Happenings: Baseball's 1st Ladies Night

    Celebrating Best Friends when Marketing to Women

    She's SO Empowered: Jill Abramson

    How's Your Summer Going?

    Women’s Tennis Association Highlights Strong Beauties in Campaign Marketing to Women

    Girl Scouts Rock Chicago, part 2

    Girl Scouts Rock in Chicago!

    Empowering Women Across the Globe!

    Something to Sing About: FletcherPR in the News

    She's SO Empowered: Charlotte Caffey

    Marketing to Women: How the Genders See Color

    Bowlicious: Fine Art for a Great Cause!

    Girl Scouts Rock! Powered by Roland

    A Rising Star who knows a thing or two about marketing to women

    She's SO Empowered: Keisher McLeod-Wells

    An Old Boyfriend gets a New Look

    Smart Thoughts: Women & Social Media

    Marketing to Women Consumers…There’s an app for that!

    Small Treats, Big Payoff Marketing to Women

    She's SO Empowered: YOU!

    Social Media Use in Small Businesses Marketing to Women

    Something to Sing About: Award Winning!

    She's SO Empowered: Ursula Burns

    Design by Gender and Marketing to Women

    Social Media Meets the Met

    For the Sake of Social Media Marketing to Women

    Making Cents of the Ads when Marketing to Women

    Smart Thoughts....Reputation

    The Girlfriends Niche when Marketing to Women

    She's SO Empowered: Coretta Scott King

    Smart Thoughts....on Social Media!

    Logos are your Business when Marketing to Women

    Enhance your Calm in 2011

    Smart Thoughts....On Social Roles!

    Happy New Year from FletcherPR!

    Public Relations & Marketing to Women: Past the Point of No Returns

    Marketing to Women: Kay Jewelers & the NFL are A Winning Combination

    JTV’s New App offers a Seamless Shopping Experience in its marketing to women

    Self-Gifting…A Rising Trend & Strategic way of marketing to women

    Smart Thoughts…On Networking when Marketing to Women

    Marketing to Women: Reaching Holiday Shoppers with Style

    Marketing to Women: Your Virtual Image

    Maria Shriver...She's SO Empowered!

    Marketing to Women: The Spending Power of Tweens

    Trusting Social Media in Public Relations & Marketing to Women

    Shout Out To The NFL–It’s About Time you started marketing to women!

    The Woman Behind HER VOICE

    Marketing to Women with Friendship

    Marketing to Women: Are Females more Loyal Customers?

    Marketing to Women with Media Kits: Now More than Ever

    She's SO Empowered: Ashley Johnston

    The Kellys Agree…In Public Relations, Give good phone!

    Marketing to Women: He said/She said something else!

    Marketing to Women: Empowering Female Consumers with Online Shopping Options

    Welcome to HER VOICE

    “The Power of the Purse: How to Design & Execute a PR Campaign that Resonates with Women”

    The Natural Dentist…a better way of marketing to women

    Being in the Know about Marketing to Women

    Identifying Spending Power & Strength in Numbers when Marketing to Women

    Social Media Marketing to Women: More than just buzz

    Jewelry Television Host Getting Some Extra Screen Time for Marketing to Women

    Knoxville Public Relations: Get Your Lash On Event at Medi-Spa

    Using Creative Characters in Advertising and Marketing to Women

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