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    Enhance your Calm in 2011

    You may have seen this poster (or sillier variations of it) as it has gained popularity lately in the blogosphere and also in the realms of interior design and stationery. Produced in 1939 by the British Government to raise morale of the people during the war, rumor has it that the Queen herself first uttered this statement. Doesn't it sound like a queenly thing to say? With the stress of the holidays behind us (hopefully), we now face 2011. Many of us have made resolutions, some of us may even keep them. As women, we have a lot on our plates. Trying to juggle our fabulous careers, family adventures, love lives and still have time for ourselves is often exhausting. But honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. We are born multi-taskers, destined for great things and always looking forward to what is to come. The next time you feel overwhelmed by life, why not take a moment and repeat this slogan to yourself. Heck, do it while wearing a tiara if you have one. The queen would approve! You might find that in the midst of a crisis, all you need is a little calm and you will indeed be able to carry on with gusto.

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