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    Marketing to Women: 3 Keeping It Real Tips

    No one likes to think they are being sold, and women are hyper sensitive to fast sales talk. A genuine approach is more likely to resonate, but what does that mean? And how do you market to women?

    Tip 1 – Give honest answers to questions that don’t sound like a sales person or politician – in other words, actually answer the question asked.

    Gone are the days when women were easily swayed by the thought of a good deal. Women want to know they are getting what they want for a reasonable price. Women will take the time to do research in advance. We also like to ask a lot of questions and truly absorb the answers.

    Tip 2 – Women value the experiences of people they know.

    Women make up 56% of social media users, and one of the major draws is the ability to get real opinions (mashable.com). Whether on social media or in person, having people love your brand enough to share with others speaks miles about your business.

    Tip 3 – Not all women are created equal.

    The segmented female audience is quite intricate. It is nearly impossible to attract everyone. So focus on the largest portion – where you know you have appeal. This does require knowing your peeps, which is not just what women expect, it is what they are demanding.

    Additional tips and insights can be found by checking out this marketing to women article or by asking women you know for their perspective.

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